Tuesday, December 25, 2007

And the winner is.....

I've selected a winner for my one-year subscription contest on DeviantART. His name is Graeme Green, he's from the UK and his gallery is here under the handle kimonokraken. I've received a lot of beautiful, slick, technically-perfect thumbnails, but what can I say, this guy's work talks to me.

Now I only have to hit reload about a hundred times and hope I can get through to the credit card account, so I can deliver on my subscription promise. The 'net is like molasses in January this morning.

Tonight I'm having dinner with Robert at our traditional Christmas Day venue, the Elgin Street Diner. Nothing else is open except the hotels, and I am *not* paying $50 for fusion turkey at the Château Laurier! Now with the buses being what they are on Christmas Day (rare), I figure I'll just take the No. 2 to Rideau and take the camera for a walk up Elgin Street. I guess I should probably take the tripod too, but the lousy little thing that came with my camera bag feels like a thoroughly boring husband now that I've got that hot black Manfrotto coming in by UPS sometime this week... :-)

Just started reading a whodunit called The Back Passage, by one James Lear. It's kinda cute. Like Agatha Christie with copious buggery. Colonel Mustard in the living room with the candlestick...

Christmas isn't even over yet, and everyone from Zellers and The Bay to Future Shop and the Home Depot is all over my email this morning, wanting my money during their Boxing Week Blowout Sales, free shipping no taxes get a free iPod with every purchase over $500. Jesus Christ. Can we at least finish digesting the turkey, please?