Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bible House Blues

I'd never noticed this building before... It's called the Bible House and it was built in 1910 by a bookseller called James Hope. It caught my eye today as I was walking east on Queen Street. I'm not sure what's on the ground floor of the building, I'll have to check it out on Sparks. It's probably a Starbucks or a souvenir shop, stuffed beavers in Mountie uniforms and inukshuks made in China.

And the Mayflower is no more. That's old news, but I still wince every time I go by the building, the old gargoyles now standing guard over the neon sign from some generic franchise. I never even ate at the Mayflower before it went under, but I rather liked seeing it there, stuck between two government-issue cubicle boxes.


Don Miller said...

It was actually built in 1855! The Bible House then moved to it's present location at 315 Lisgar in 1922

SEA said...

Thanks for the info, Don!