Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday night

Today I went back to Chinatown, with mixed results. This one could be better (the master was awful), but I managed to open the store... by ligtening and colorizing the unlit OPEN sign in the door.

My new camera bag still hasn't arrived, though it was supposed to be at JFK on Tuesday night. Let's hope it gets here tomorrow, so I can have a real photo trip on Saturday. The forecast is sunny and a high of 0.

I didn't do anything on Chapter 2 last night. Ross had emailed, and I spent what was left of the evening answering him. I keep telling myself it's only a temporary lull and I'll pick up where I've left off as soon as my honeymoon with the camera is over, but it's hard not to worry about where I'm going with the damned novel anyway.