Friday, December 14, 2007

Breakfast at the Diner

Another early start this morning... Had breakfast with Eric at the Elgin Street Diner, which was Plan B after it turned out that Eggspectations had no heat or gas and couldn't cook anything but waffles. I wasn't sorry about the change of venue... the bacon at Eggspectations is like playing the lottery, and the coffee should be sold as bathroom cleaner.

I was dying to get a picture of Eric in the light from the neon signs at the Diner, but he was under the weather and I didn't think he'd want his mug immortalized right at the moment. I have to lose my bloody shyness around people... there's never a living soul in my pictures except for the odd cat or bird.

The weather was all over the place today, with heavy snow around 9:00 followed by sunshine around 11:00 followed by more snow an hour later (the picture is from a quarter after noon). I got a few nice pics behind the cafeteria at the SJCB, and a neat one of shadows on snow in the front yard that didn't turn out quite the way I hoped, but I'm saving the idea for later.

I made some minor progress on Chapter 2 last night. I think I've decided to trash the transition from 2007 and start the chapter with the black swan story. Or at least that's where I was at when I called it a night at 11:30. It's just too jarring to finish Chapter 1 with all the heavy stuff from Robert Fergusson's death, then jump straight into "I can't get used to this global warming thing." The plan right now is to finish writing the damned thing, THEN see where it fits in with the rest and figure out if I need a transition or not.