Sunday, December 02, 2007

Can't wait till it's dark...

I'm going to have some fun with candles and a tripod tonight...

Meanwhile the novel still isn't writing itself -- sigh. I'm still stuck on the first part of Chapter 2, and wondering if I should cut it altogether. I'm hesitating because the third part introduces Catherine in a more detailed way, and there has to be something somewhere about Francis coming to terms with the fact that he's in love with his best friend. And there's nothing wrong with that part; it's the opening I'm struggling with, that and the fact that the whole chapter feels patched together from recycled materials. Which in a way it is.

Here's one paragraph I really like from the second part:

I didn’t work it out all at once. You can forget a paper cut for a long time, but then you touch it and it hurts like hell even if you can’t even see it. That summer I learned that watching Martin sleep was one of the thousand little things that reminded me of my paper cuts. He slept over so often that he had his own room at Fergusson Hall, but there’s no point to having a sleepover if you’re going to be in different rooms, so he usually ended up in mine. I’d be awake most of the night, watching him, getting new paper cuts from the moonlight on his face or the way he would sigh in his dreams. In the daytime there were certain ways the light would reach into his eyes, a certain private smile he shared only with me, quiet moments and goofy moods that would add a few more tiny cuts to my heart, here, here, and there, all spreading in a web until the hurt was pretty much a constant presence.

In other news today, the weather forecast is for heavy snow mixed with ice pellets. And I have a training session tomorrow at 3:00, oh joy.