Monday, December 17, 2007

The day after

Well, whew! The snow finally stopped sometime during the night, leaving what the newspapers are calling "30 cm" - I guess they estimated it from some 40th-floor window. The sidewalks this morning were... puzzling, and I was up to mid-thigh as soon as I stepped off the No. 7 at Beechwood and Crichton. In a skirt, which is actually better than jeans. There's nothing colder than wet jeans.

Stopped for coffee at Hamie's Diner on Beechwood, where they have a whole wall of authentic jukeboxes above the formica tables. I got a couple of good shots, but I want to go back in the afternoon when the light isn't flooding the front window. Some really nice perpective in there, right angles and bold curves and the whole 1950s kind of geometry. They also have the standard 1950s gum-smacking waitress and the pair of Hydro guys cracking jokes at the counter. I should probably go back with a notepad as well as the camera, just to put some words on the images.