Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ghosts of Christmas Present

Caught this one on Elgin Street last night, walking back from the diner with Robert. I need to go back with the tripod before they take down the Christmas lights - I was going to do it today, but Dominique wants the lights as much as I do, so I'll wait until he's back in town.

For some reason this picture brings back a flash from years ago... I was in a car at night (mine? a taxicab?), going across the highway bridge to Québec with Emma Shapplin singing Spente Le Stelle on the radio. The river was a black void, fringed on both sides with Christmas lights that utterly failed to civilize the view. There's nothing uglier than Hull in daylight, but at night the place reverts back to its true nature: black, savage, and deadly. At night you can feel the jagged hills looming in the distance, and the ghosts of thousands of farmers who didn't make it in this black, savage, deadly place before it was finally tamed with concrete and electricity.