Sunday, December 09, 2007

Laundry day

Dominique showed me a new trick in Paintshop Pro, which is most useful when I've done all I could with brightness and contrast. I've tried it on this one... taken this morning at my friendly neighborhood Vanier Coin Wash. I'll have to go back earlier in the morning when I have the place to myself, and really take my time framing. There's something to be done with this view... trying to bring out the thoroughly sordid quality of the place. Perhaps sepia toning would work, or some really sick shade of green?

Just started listening to the Putumayo compilation of Israeli music, which I'd bought a while ago. There's one beautiful song by a band called Zafa, and of course everything by them is unavailable everywhere. It's out of stock on Amazon, and as for Archambault, let's see... Archambault only has the Putumayo CD. Bummer. I'll have to check the publisher's web site. The lead vocalist's name is Sharon Ben Zadok and it's hard not to hink of Ofra Haza, though it's probably a huge cliché because she's also Yemenite.