Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'll call it Manny...

Just bought me a little Manfrotto... It wasn't part of my plans when I got up this morning, but I was checking to see if anyone had a better deal on the 'pod I was ogling at Galaxy last week, and... well... one thing just led to another. :-)

This tiny ball-headed guy is a mere 3 lbs, which is a major selling point for someone my size. It's fine to drool all over the horizontal centre column on the bigger models, but the truth of the matter is that I wouldn't be going anywhere with something that weighs almost 10 lbs without the head, and I'm not paying $300+ for a tripod I'll only be using in my own house. This one is only US $112, and it comes with a bag - with MANFROTTO written in big bold letters on it, so get out of my way. Throw in the $32 shipping and the $20 customs, and that's still cheaper than the one at Galaxy.

Shipping is UPS, so I don't need to factor in the $100 cab fare to the Purolator depot and back... :-)