Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Loading up on books

Well, it's getting late to get anything delivered by Amazon, so I made a supply run at Chapters today. Wouldn't want to be caught without anything to read when there's nothing on TV but inspirational features about career women who leave it all behind for the love of a good man against a backdrop of blinking lights and Macy's plugs...

At Chapters I also bought a slab of... slate, I think it is, and I believe it's meant to protect a table from hot dishes or something like that. But I bought it because I figured it would make a good background for close-ups. So tonight I was just sticking anything I could get my hands on under the tripod - super balls, onions, paper clips, whatever -- when suddenly my eyes fell upon a piece of tulle from my stash of recycled gift-wrapping supplies. This one is called "Dreamfold"; there's more on my Flickr page. The tulle is red, the slate is black, so what I did was I converted the pics to B&W with a red filter, then converted it to a negative image. I can't believe how good it turned out. I was literally drooling on my keyboard as I fine-tuned the contrast. (I tend to crank up the contrast until it makes no sense, so I have to restrain myself. Kind of like, you know, skillful lovemaking as opposed to just going at it like a rutting moose.)

Today I got a Flickr favourite on my Blue Ripple picture, which I think is one of my best, but nobody seems to like it on Flickr or DeviantART. Until today - an artist by the name of Dom Ciancibelli found it in the Haphazard pool and marked it as a favourite. Yeah!


Dom Ciancibelli said...

I do have impeccable taste you know! :-)