Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Los Alaridos

I shot this one straight at the sun in the middle of a whiteout this morning on the Farm. The result was predictably awful, but then I discovered that cranking up the blues and applying an infrared filter produced something that looks very much like a picture of the first atomic test in 1942. I think I'll send it to Trevor in Building 94: "Run! Your building is under attack!"

Tonight I finally have GOOD NEWS to report on the writing front! I made myself cry over Chapter 2, so I'm back in the zone and grooving once again! It's still a monumental piece of shit, mind you, but at least I can feel *something* about it beyond abysmal boredom. There are some good bits about Francis going through his father's library, and I still like the black swan story very much. Now I need to slap it all into shape, and I actually *want* to do it. I'm almost tempted to turn superstitious and ascribe it to the chocolate ice cream I ate earlier... :-)

Other than that, I've pretty much given up on Perdido Street Station. Now I'm keeping myself amused on the bus with another Chris Owen book, 911. Sizzling sex scenes every ten pages or so, but... note to self, too much of a good thing can dampen the sizzle. And the man does seem to be obsessed with threesomes, not that I have anything against them either, but this is starting to feel like an assembly line. I'm picturing some cash-side display at some brightly-lit drugstore in the Gay Village, with drag queens braying in delight as they're waiting in line to pay for their lube and rubbers. Here's to hoping my Francis doesn't land in the same bin!