Saturday, December 08, 2007


This is a detail from my Best Shot of the Day, which I'm calling "Once I Was a Tree". It's a telephone pole at Montreal Road and St.Laurent, with all the rusty staples from before the City provided the posting cylinders around the light standards. I also got a pretty good one of a copper pot outside Thyme and Times Past on Beechwood, and a handful of other ones I still have to decide what to do with. Not a totally wasted trip, but not an orgasmic experience by any stretch of the imagination.

My initial plan was to hop on over to the old City Hall to investigate an intriguing view from one of the little side streets off Sussex Drive, but fate had decided otherwise. My 7 Carleton inexplicably turned left on Montreal Road, leaving me and other bewildered transit users to wait another 25 minutes. Apparently some water pipe had burst somewhere around Hemlock -- one woman on the next bus was talking about a collapsed bridge, but it can't have been New Edinburgh or Cummings, because I saw them both later and they looked fine to me. There's nothing yet on Google News, except I just found out about *another* water pipe bursting earlier this week in Ottawa South. And we're not even into the really cold weather yet. Looks like Larry's gonna have his hands full this winter! Here's to hoping it drives him back to the corporate hole he crawled out of in the first place!

By the time the driver of the detoured 7 found his way out of Vanier and back to his regular route, I'd long missed my 3 at Beechwood and Crichton, and I wasn't in the mood to walk to Sussex. I took a few desultory shots of Hamie's Diner, all of them unspeakably bad, and managed to get a couple of decent ones in the can before I ducked into Mr. Mozzarella's for a slice of pepperoni and cheese. Which, needless to say, sucked the snow off the Peace Tower. I decided to take the 5 back home, missed it, and took a still-detoured 7. That driver got lost as well, so I got off as soon as she got within shouting distance of Montreal Road in order to grab a 2. Three of them hurtled past with the OUT OF SERVICE sign lit up, and it was 40 minutes before I got to squeeze aboard a packed one.

It's funny but I did have a feeling I should call it a day when I saw that first 7 turning left. Oh well. All that sunshine and bracing air, it's gotta have been good for my health even if it pissed me right off.

Looks like somebody forgot about us
Standing on a corner, waiting for a bus

- Violent Femmes