Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday afternoon

Well, I finally received my new camera bag! It's pretty neat, though I did have one hell of a time adjusting the straps properly. The tripod is exactly the same as Dominique's, BUT it comes with a carry bag! Now I'm all set...

Caught this one on Bank Street as I was waiting for the No. 2 this afternoon. Flat light, dead sky, I tried to give it a bit of life with a warming filter but the shot came out looking thoroughly banal. This one, I think, has more of a story to tell.

Just downloaded the trial version of Diskeeper to replace what passes for defrag in Vista. So far so good, the first pass took about 20 minutes on my stupendously fragmented drive. And it has some visuals, just like the good old days. I don't know why Microsoft saw fit to remove that from the Vista version. Manon at the office says it's probably "so the home users won't be intimidated", but at least the graphics gave you *some* indication of progress. In Vista there's not even a PLEASE WAIT message.