Friday, December 07, 2007

Making progress, sort of

This morning there was heavy snow falling as I walked over to Building 94 for a training session, but I was afraid the camera would get wet, so I kept it in the bag. I'm probably being paranoid; I remember Dominique shooting for two hours under wet snow at Winterlude last year with no ill effects. But I'd rather keep the Nikon dry just the same. If worse comes to worst, I guess I can always use a bread bag...

Finished reading An Agreement Among Gentlemen by Chris Owen on the No. 3 bus this morning. Amazon keeps sending me all sorts of suggestions based on my regular orders of books about gay soldiers in Israeli combat units and the Reconstructionist position on Numbers and Leviticus, but the database apparently makes no distinction between gay studies, gay romance and gay erotica; as long as it's vaguely related to love between men, it's all the same thing to them. Every now and then I take them up on an offer, hence the Owen book. A fun read for rush hour, if you can keep a poker face -- the guy knows how to write a sex scene all right. And I'm making due note of the publisher's name: obviously they're not obsessed with tragic endings or deep symbolism.

And speaking of books, I actually worked on the novel last night, sort of: I stared at the plan for two hours. This is progress. I've put three chapters in the can by staring at the plan for hours at a time, so I'm hoping the trick will work for this one as well.