Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No accounting for taste...

Well, I'll be damned. Some outfit called the Schmap Worldwide Travel Guides wants to publish two of my pictures on their map of Ottawa - and they've picked two of the crappiest ones, both of them rather on the strident side in the saturation department. They're also both thoroughly banal, but I suppose a travel guide wouldn't want any of my shots of rotting concrete or rusty basketball hoops - unless it was a goth travel guide.

Hey. There's a concept! :-)

Went shooting on the Market today, after I noticed from the one window on the third floor at The Bay that there seemed to be stuff going on down there. I got a few passable shots, but it was snowing and I was, as usual, afraid to get the camera wet. This guy selling wreaths and candles looks a little bit like Uncle Vernon in Harry Potter, but he was much nicer... :-)

On the way home I bought the most interesting poinsettia they had for sale at the Independent, and it promptly froze on the five-minute walk to Brittany Drive. I think that made it even more interesting, at least on film (so to speak).