Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nuit Américaine

Well! I managed to get up on time and get my butt down to Bank and Laurier for breakfast with Ross. It was too short, as always. It feels like we barely had time to say "how have you been" before it was time to move on, him to the first of his meetings at 200 Kent and me to the Transitway to catch a No. 3.

Today we're all re-learning the post-snowstorm shuffle, slipping and sliding like a bunch of penguins in single file in the greasy ruts that pass for sidewalks. I waited for my 3 for half an hour at Kent Station, then two of them arrived at the same time, both of them packed to the doors. Fortunately my trainee for this morning was a friendly face, and I managed to get some decent pictures on my way to his building. The guy works at Building 94, which is right next to the main barn and all the heritage buildings. I would have lingered, but it was bitchin' cold out there in the wind!

I got off the No. 2 on my way home to catch a few shots of a dead tree caught in the ice on the Rideau River. I was practically drooling over it, but the pics turned out thoroughly lousy. As usual, it was the what-the-hell shots from the Farm that turned out good. I should find a way to program a message in the viewfinder: "Stop Thinking and Start Shooting!"

On this one I tried to get more contrast on the side of the barn by colorizing the reds to green, applying an infrared effect, then colorizing the whole image to sepia. I probably overdid it, but it worked.