Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm alive!

Well, guess what? I've been working on the novel at long last. Haven't been here in two months, haven't touched the camera in almost as long.

Right now I'm on Chapter 5, wherein the boys are reunited after a long separation and promptly jump each other in the backyard. It's partly based on an earlier version of Bernstein's return, though I don't know why I keep insisting on saying that, because there's maybe two lines of dialogue left from the original. And it's freakin' LONG. The whole thing is MASSIVE. We're only in 1967, there's 40 years of the story left to tell, and I'm up to maybe 300 pages. I don't even want to guess how many that would be in book format. S'gonna be fun selling that first novel to a publisher, yes Sir, but I figure I'll write it first and worry about selling it later.

Back to '67 I go!