Saturday, September 27, 2008

And my soul yet longs for light

And my soul yet longs for lightYesterday on the Dunlop Trail in Gatineau Park. It was a good day for photography, but a rough one for the heart.


I've listened: and all the sounds I heard
Were music, -- wind, and stream, and bird.
With youth who sang from hill to hill
I've listened: my heart is hungry still.

I've looked: the morning world was green;
Bright roofs and towers of town I've seen;
And stars, wheeling through wingless night.
I've looked: and my soul yet longs for light.

I've thought: but in my sense survives
Only the impulse of those lives
That were my making. Hear me say
"I've thought!" -- and darknesss hides my day.

- Siegfried Sassoon