Saturday, October 11, 2008

My first wood duck and a shy goose

My First Wood DuckActually no, it's not really my first wood duck. I caught several of them just north of the St.Patrick Street Bridge a couple of weeks ago, but the light was all wrong and the pics were lousy. This one is from Riverain Park south of Cummings Bridge, and it wasn't easy getting a good shot in the mottled sunlight along the river.

Wood ducks are shy little creatures, especially when surrounded by a hissing and screaming mob of seagulls, mallards and Canada geese. This female's mate wouldn't have anything to do with me and my camera; all I managed to get was several shots of his butt quickly moving away from me. The female was a little bolder, and she spent a few minutes splashing around in a good enough spot to get some decent shots.

Are you sure?This guy was in my face the whole time I was there. I kept throwing bread at him, but the seagulls kept stealing it. It's probably the first time I see a Canada goose who's afraid of seagulls -- or anything at all, for that matter. Normally they don't even fear SUV's on the parkway.