Friday, October 31, 2008

Clumsy Witch

Street WitchNote to self: when you take off your glasses to do a self-portrait by candlelight, don't put them too close to the tripod.

This is Baby Nikon, because I don't yet have a remote for the D200. And I can see the difference between the two. I was using the 18-70 mm on both bodies tonight, and the D40X just doesn't cut it. Quite aside from the fact that it's a flaming bitch to do anything manual on the thing, there is a marked difference in image quality. I'll keep the little one as a backup anyway -- and I had good reason to appreciate the usefulness of backups this evening. If I hadn't had the presence of mind to get two pair of glasses the last time I broke them, I'd be typing this with my nose on the screen.

Collateral Damage