Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dans le ciel un avion dansait...

So that's it, then.

It's funny but I had this French song running in the back of my mind all summer long. It's by Frida Boccara, though I can't find her original recording of it anywhere online or in the stores for some strange reason. It was a hugely popular song in the 1970's, but it's not on any of the greatest hits. I don't know why. Could be a copyright issue or something. Anyway, the song is about a summer love. It's heartbreaking, and I've never been able to hear it without choking up. But there it was all summer long, following me all the way to Brockville and Morrisburg and Montreal where we had so much fun. As if a part of me knew damned well that it couldn't last. And I think I might have thrown myself into it all the more frantically, to squeeze every last drop of joy out of it and not let any of it go to waste before it ran out.
On s'aimait tendrement et c'était l'été
Qui mourait au moment où tu m'as quittée
Cette année où Piccoli jouait "Les Choses de la vie"
Toute ma vie je m'en souviendrai...
Perhaps I could have made it last a little bit longer by rationing myself. I don't know. It hardly matters now.

Be happy. Stay in touch. I'll be here.