Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Here to stay?

DuneI was determined to find something to shoot at lunchtime today, but I felt pretty pathetic trudging across the Farm under pouring rain, looking for interesting weeds. Normally it gives me a tremendous kick to be out with the camera when most people wouldn't take the dog out for a walk, but today, well..... I don't know.

Then I got home and the f***ing wireless network was acting up again. I'm not sure whether the problem is Vista or the Dell adaptor or the router itself, but it's driving me up the wall. So I figured I'd have me a nice little shoot in the garage just to take my mind off the bleak pictures I got from the Farm, but no. My tripod was needed elsewhere. And I know better than to try and use the other little one -- it's only gonna piss me off even more. So I think, in the interest of getting through this evening without hurling the cat or dog out the window, I probably should find something stupid to watch on television.