Monday, November 03, 2008

New Digs

Well, we've moved into our new offices in the Skyline complex at Baseline and Merivale. S'gonna be slim pickings for lunchtime photography, my dearies! It might be possible to catch a goose or two at the corner of the Farm, but there's nothing else to see except for eight lanes of fast-moving traffic, a giant Loblaws with a 300-acre parking lot and a Harvey's across the road.

The offices are nice, though -- people were bitching about the open-space concept, but I've been living in the bowling alley back at Sir John for a couple of years, so I'm all excited about having an actual WALL to call my own...


Natacha said...

That Loblaws is actually surprisingly small compared to others. Not always a bad thing mind you :)
Too bad your office changed buildings after the harvest season. Otherwise that stretch of the Farm can hold some interesting things.

SEA said...

I did manage to get a few good shots in the corn field at lunchtime today... but that's gonna get pretty old pretty quickly! :-)