Thursday, November 06, 2008

OC Transpo: wherever life takes you, but not today. Maybe tomorrow.

Can somebody please explain to me, in words a six-year-old can understand, what use it is to have rapid transit if it takes forever to get to it? I don't live or work in Stittsville, or Chalk River; I do both of these things in metropolitan Ottawa, where you would *think* it would be possible to get around by public transit in less time than it takes to drive to Montreal. But no! This is Ottawa, the city that voted for Larry O'Brien, the city that's jumping up and down about another bridge on Kettle Island, the city that sees nothing wrong about *needing* another bridge in a place this size.

We don't need another bridge, Larry! We need decent public transit, we need brakes on those buses we do have, and we need you OUT of City Hall!