Thursday, November 13, 2008


Once again the National Capital Commission is sweeping the problem out of sight instead of addressing it.

See Trees Choopped to Shake "Squatters" in today's Ottawa Sun.

What's the next step? Are they going to force downtown
businesses to fence off their air vents, the way they fenced off the
sheltered space under the Rideau-Sussex underpass? Put up a
twelve-foot wall around the Mission and re-route rush hour traffic to
a nice, green, ecologically sensitive area?

Oh wait, that one's already in the works. It's called the Kettle Island Bridge, for all those Quebecers who want all the advantages and none of the drawbacks of living in Québec -- and don't give a dead rat's ass what they're doing to their children's world by driving across the river every morning in their single-occupant-vehicles.

It's all gimme gimme gimme, don't bother me with disturbing shit, don't let other people's pain and distress intrude on my complacency,
sweep the homeless out of sight and let me fill up my SUV in peace.