Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Si le grain ne meurtMy 70-300 is finally here! It was stuck at Customs for a week, I don't know why -- were they taking it apart to make sure I wasn't importing anthrax? Waiting to see if the box would explode? Or just sitting on it to make it look like we're serious about security in this country, yessir?

Anyway, I took the lens for a walk at lunchtime and I'm pretty pleased with what I'm seeing. I wasn't expecting any miracles from a secondhand lens that's listed at $450 on the Nikon site, but it's much sharper than I expected. The only minor problem is that it makes for one mighty heavy piece of equipment when you slap it on the D200, but I actually like the balance better than with the 55-200.


Anonymous said...

$450?? That's quite a bit... or is it the VR version? That would make more sense.

Randy ~ turista

SEA said...

No, it's not VR, but I don't think VR would help all that much, given the weight of the lens. And I'm not a big fan of VR in the first place -- I'd rather be on tripod if it gets to that.

The newer, AF-S VR zoom lens in that range (I think it's also 70-300 mm) retails at $500. We're talking Canadian dollars here, eh?

Both of these lenses are in the F/4 range. I'm afraid to check the prices for something better...