Tuesday, December 09, 2008

In the event of a transit strike

In the event of a transit strikeOC Transpo recommends that you wrap yourself up and affix a festive label with your boss's name on it. I'm just kidding! In reality, OC Transpo recommends that you try cycling to work.

And meanwhile today, before the strike even starts, I basically ended up walking home from the Greyhound station, where I'd gone to buy my ticket to Brockville. (Hello, Greyhound? How about getting with the program and setting up debit payments online like VIA Rail, or at the very least PayPal payments?) I waited for a No. 4 for twenty minutes on Kent Street, then decided I might as well walk to Somerset and catch a No. 2. Thankfully it was a lovely blizzard for a stroll; if not for the fact that the City had yet to do anything to the sidewalks after some ten hours of non-stop heavy snow, it would have been almost pleasant.

I waited another 25 minutes for a No. 2 and stoically settled for a long ride home, but things got uglier than I expected when we got to Bank and Slater. All of downtown just froze solid. It took half an hour to crawl from Bank and Slater to Wellington and O'Connor, at which point I figured I might as well walk to the Rideau Centre, get something to eat, and walk past the bridges to catch another bus on Rideau.

So I did that. And I was inspired to get something to eat, because nothing was moving after the bridges either. I ended up getting off again and walking the rest of the way home -- from King Edward to the Aviation Parkway.

Total time from the office to home: 4 hours.