Thursday, January 01, 2009

First sunrise of 2009

Waiting for the SunThis morning we got up before dawn with the intention of catching the first sunrise of the new year. We got to Victoria Island shortly before 7:00, which was -- note to self -- too f***ing early at a windchill of - 30 Celsius.

I tried to wait for the sun to come up above the National Library, but I had to run back to the car after 45 minutes, probably just before I got to catch anything truly spectacular. Dominique had already called it quits 10 minutes before me, freezing as he was in completely inadequate footwear. In my case it was the hands, as usual. You can't shoot with mittens, and gloves are like wearing nothing at all after half an hour in that kind of cold.

The D200 held up remarkably well in the cold, though. It took 45 minutes of shooting in arctic cold without batting an eye, and I didn't even notice a faster drain on the battery. The LCD and viewfinder got frosted up from my breath, but everything was working just fine.