Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy Story

Yesterday we managed to replace one of Fernando's stolen cameras, with some help from Flickr friends. The smile says it all... :-)

Here's the background: Fernando got his camera bag stolen from his car as we were having lunch at Mellos on Dalhousie on Friday, January 2. The car was parked right across the street from the restaurant and we could see it from our table, so it would have been a very quick snatch. In the camera bag were Fernando's two Pentax camera bodies and most of his lenses, so he was basically left without anything to work with. Needless to say, he was devastated.

Initially he was planning to get an older Pentax DSLR on eBay, but as I was watching the bids go up on these cameras, it occurred to me that he was wasting what little money he did have on something he would have to replace in three months anyway. So on Sunday I sat down with Dominique, figured out the household budget for the next couple of weeks, and drove to Henry's in Orleans to get a brand new Pentax K200D kit. Called Fernando to meet for coffee, and surprised him with the camera. Or perhaps the right way to put it would be "shocked him half to death with the camera". For a moment I was afraid he was going to faint on the street in front of my house... :-)

But the story doesn't stop here. The loan for the camera would have put me in a pretty tight spot, so I started sending out a flurry of emails to our friends in the Flickr Ottawa group to ask for contributions. I was asking people if they might be able to give $5 or $10, but I never expected the response I received, from good friends as well as from people we only knew by their Flickr screen names. As I'm writing this, the cost of the camera is almost completely covered by donations from the Flickr members.

So that's my feel-good story to start off the New Year. The thread on the Ottawa group forum has a list of all the good people who responded to my call for assistance to a photographer in need. Thanks again everyone! :-)))


Wounded Healer said...

I am so happy this worked out for Fern.
I've know, just by meeting Farfando once or twice, just how how passionate he is about his photography. This is his true love and he must have been devastated when his gear was stolen.

Having a friend like you, must surely be a blessing to him.
Encourage one another.