Saturday, May 09, 2009

Squeezing Light out of Stones

It was quite the light show last night at Nepean Point, but I got carried away and forgot all about a few basic necessities -- such as the ND grad filter, which would have been useful. I did, however, manage to save some of the shots by using Lightroom's fill light feature and adjusting the tone curve. I didn't touch the saturation or vibrance at all; the colour was all there, it was just a matter of bringing it out.

This was shot at ISO 100, so the only noise I had to deal with was the one I created by using the fill light, which Lightroom's noise reduction feature did a pretty decent job of getting under control.

And this is the original shot:


DaniGirl said...

This is way cool --- thanks for the step-by-step and before and afters. (Clicked through from the Ottawa pool on Flickr.)