Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Half the Pictures

As I sit here at my laptop, penning increasingly constipated letters to a couple of delinquent customers, I find myself reminiscing about my late father and That Woman In Outremont.

The lady had money. She also had cats, and she wanted a nice portrait of them. My father hated cats, but a hungry photographer will shoot all sorts of abhorrent things for hard cash. It was the photo shoot from Hell, and I distinctly remember my father coming home with scratches on his face.

Come 30 days and it turned out that the lady had money for the good reason that she really hated parting with any of it. It took a number of phone calls and cancelled appointments, but in the end she reluctantly agreed to pay for the portraits. She showed up late and immediately announced: "I brought you half the money."

For a moment I thought my mother was going to burst into flames. My father, however, smiled sweetly and said: "That's okay, Ma'am, then you can get half the pictures."

And tore the prints in two.


Andrew Alexander said...

This just became my favourite story of the day.

SEA said...