Monday, November 16, 2009

Help Portrait

Help PortraitOn November 16, we spent the day doing free family portraits for the clients of the Lower Town Community Services Centre as part of the Help Portrait movement. Our subjects included immigrants from Haiti, China, Afghanistan, Nepal, Iran, Vietnam, Russia and Venezuela; families of seven, middle-aged couples, newborn babies and grandmothers; one cat and several dogs; people of every skin colour, religion and background. The staff at the community centre offered us a warm welcome and wonderful support, and the experience was a fantastic one for everyone involved.

In the usual order, the photographers of the Lower Town team were Eva Murray, Stephen Lanthier, Fernando Farfan, Stéphanie Amesse, Greg Snyder, Francheska and Martin Gonzales Mendizabal. Missing on the photo are Ely Babb and Deo Silvederio, who came in to help out in the afternoon. Thanks everyone!