Sunday, July 11, 2010


While the Ottawa Sun has never been known as the voice of articulate political discourse, yesterday it gave up on any attempt at dressing itself up in a mantle of populist common sense and burst out of the closet in all its hateful pettiness. In an editorial titled Hip, hip, hooray for the white GG, the Sun writes about the recent appointment of academic David Johnston as the next Governor General:

"In an age when the federal civil service has taken affirmative action to the extreme, with preference in the federal bureaucracy given to those who are bilingual -- preferably francophone, of course -- or persons of colour, or disabled or aboriginal, the appointment of David Johnston as Canada's next Governor General is a historic breakthrough."

The Sun goes on to praise Johnston's "extraordinary doctoral pedigree" and snidely insinuates that both of Johnston's predecessors, Adrienne Clarkson and Michaëlle Jean, were appointed more to satisfy some requirement of "affirmative action" than for their objective qualifications. The piece is blatantly racist, sexist and reactionary, shamelessly giving voice to the resentment of those individuals who feel that the Canadian Human Rights Act is a direct attack on their God-given privilege.

The Sun, however, stops well short of having the spine to stand up to its own hateful opinions. A notice on the online version of the editorial reads: "Due to the number of inappropriate comments, the commenting feature has been turned off. If you want to comment on this editorial, you can send a letter to the editor to"

In other words, the Sun reserves the exclusive right to public inappropriateness, and dissenting opinions will be handled away from the public eye. Letters to the editor will presumbably be sorted, and only those validating the editor's opinion (or attacking it in such a clumsy, strident or inarticulate manner as to get a good belly laugh from the readers) will be allowed to see the light of day.

Shame on you, Ottawa Sun, for your pettiness, your close-mindedness, and your cowardice.


Fernando farfan. said...

This is Flagrant Attack in our Values.